Monday, January 2, 2012


January's Schedule

Januray 11, 2012

"Create with Red, Pink, Green and Yellow" 
Anything Goes!!!! 

You can create anything you would like using these colors. You may add embellishments, other papers and etc to your project but you must have all 4 colors in your project. 
Due by January 9, 2012

January 18, 2012

" Celebrations" 

Anything that you celebrate, holiday, birthday, special events and etc. 
Decoration Project
Something that you would use on the table, decoration, etc. 
Due by January 16, 2012

January 25, 2012 

" Baby Boom" 

Anything for a baby. You can make a Scrapbook Page, Invites, Card, ETC
Due by January 23, 2012

You can sign up for all of the projects for the month or you can at least 2. I will be also doing special projects once a month Starting in February that I would like all of the team to be part of. So watch for next months Schedule.

Sign up below by leaving a comment with the date, theme, name and blog address ... 

Happy Crafting! 
My Blog Address is:

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I had a wonderful day with my family and loved watching my girls faces when they opened their gifts.. .they have some interesting faces to express how excited they were about some of the toys and etc. 

I am finishing up some of the finishing touches on the guidelines and the themes... Still looking for more ideas from everyone... if you have a theme suggestion please let me know.. 
I know our first one is coming next week and I am so excited about this new Design team and getting started. My daughter is going to join us on a few projects. She is very excited to be part of this adventure with us. 
She has been wanting to do some card making and scrapbooking for awhile now and I thought there is no better time than now to get her started. 

Ok so I am off now to get started on finishing things up to get them posted for you all.... 

Happy New Year and Stay Safe!!!! 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Welcome to the My Design Team...

Welcome to my Design Team. 
I am so excited to starting this new adventure and have each one of you take it with me. 

Here is a little bit about me. 
I am a mom of 6 beautiful children. I have 3 grown boys and 3 beautiful daughters still at home. My boys are 23, 20- will be 21 on Christmas Eve, 18. My youngest son in the Army. He just finished up Basic Training. 
My Daughters are 15, 7, and 5. 
I am a stay at home mom and I have a small embroidery/vinyl business that I run from home so I can be with my girls. I am a volunteer Fire Fighter and EMT ( Emergency Medical Tech). I am on call most of the time with the fire department and I do have a set schedule for my Ambulance time and I run 10 hour shifts with the Ambulance. I mostly run one night a week for them and do some fill ins here and there. I also help out when we need a second ambulance out. So I am very active with my volunteer services. Our Fire Company and Ambulance Corp are separate from each other. So I am very active in alot of events that both are involved in. I love being apart of both of them and would never change that. So will say that I go way beyond what anyone should, but I love to be able to help others when I can. I have also learned alot of things from being involved with the Fire and EMS that have changed the way I think about life. My husband is also a Fire Fighter and EMR ( EMR is a little different than an EMT- EMR is a Emergency Medical Responder). My 21 yr old son is also a Fire Fighter and EMR. Yes it a family tradition haha!!! My parents were both in the fire department when I was growing up, so I have carried it on with my brother. My brother is a firefighter and EMT too. 
Ok enough of the Firefighter and EMT stuff. haha!!! 

I do a lot of different crafts in my spare time and one is scrapbook and card making. I started with my cricut about 2 years ago and I started with the personal cutter (small cricut) well I did not use but 5 times. Well last year I saw a expression on sale and it was a really good price and I started watching different videos of what people were making with their cricuts. So I went and got the expression and now I am making all types of stuff with my cricut. Well hubby saw that I was going to a different level with it and he bought me the E2 for Mother's Day. I have found this very relaxing and fun to be able to create with paper and I am always looking for new things to try. 
And I have enjoyed being part of a Design Team and I learned alot of new things from each one of my Design Team Family and look forward to learning more as I continue with my adventure with you all. 
This Christmas my hubby is sparking a new level with the paper crafting and he got me the Imagine and about 7 cartridges too. So I will be playing with that a lot. 
I will also have a Cricut Mini Cake too in the house, I got that for my 3 daughters for Christmas cause they want to be able to decorate their cupcakes and cookies. They love baking with me and I thought that it would be so nice and neat to have the cricut mini cake for them. They love playing with me in the craftroom with the cricut and help me design my pages for our scrapbook. 

Well enough of me for now... LOL.. 

I would like to Announce My Great Design Team :

1. Audrey Dickinson -
2. Nicolette
6. Rachel Wright -
9. Deborah Foti ~  Http://

There are 3 more that I am waiting to hear back from right now. But I figured with the holidays being so close that they are very busy with all the things to get ready. As soon as I hear from them I will post there information. 

If you have any questions you may contact me through my email
I have set up a new email for all the design team post to be sent to

Thank you Everyone for being apart of my Design Team and I look forward to having fun and sharing. 



Friday, December 2, 2011

Design Team Logo

2130-3-1-1.gif image by scrappyemt 
Here is Design Team Logo
Just copy and paste it



I am just starting my design team and I will be working as hard as I can to make this fun and exciting for all.

Here you will find a list to sign up for days. Once you sign up make sure you complete your projects and email a picture and what cartridges you used, and your blog address.  to me at least 2 days before the date it will be posted.
In Subject Line please put the date that you signed up and the Theme
Example: 1/11/12 - DT Holiday/Events

I will be posting all members blog address on here so everyone can become a follower of your blog.

I would like to see members comment on each members DT blog.
So each member support. Our team will be from beginners to experienced crafters.

All projects are to be made using Cricut Cartridges. No SVG's, No Cut Files.

I would like you to complete at least 3 or 4 projects per month and also all members are required to take part in the monthly blog hop. Monthly Blog Hops will be a different Theme. If you have an idea for a Theme please feel free to email me with those ideas at
in Subject Line put: Blog Hop Theme Ideas

Term of the Design Team is 6 months.
January to June
June to December

If you sign up for a day and cannot complete your project please email and let me know so I can either delete you from the sign up list that day. I do understand sometimes things happen and we cannot complete projects due to unforseen events that happen.

I will also be picking a couple design team members to be spotlighted on my blog once or twice a month. ( Depends on how many members I have on the Design Team.
If you are picked for a feature Spotlight. You will complete a project and give full instructions on how you did it with pictures or a video. The project is your choice of theme. No SVG or Cut Files can be used.

I will be adding more information as we go along and as I work out all the bugs. Remember this is a all brand new to me, this is my first time putting a design team together.

I will be working on the list of sign ups and will get them posted shortly...